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made with SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative!

1 hour

Carrot Apple Muffins

These Carrot Apple Muffins are great for breakfast or just a snack in the afternoon with a cup of coffee or tea with Splenda. This recipe can hold you in the kitchen for a while but it's worth the wait.

60 minutes

Pumpkin Pie

A 4-steps pumpkin pie, with all the best ingredients to get you started for Autumn. Try it now with SPLENDA® Granulated!

3 hours and 20 minutes

Avocado fudge

An easy avocado that takes only a few steps and you can make sure it'll be a success!

45 minutes

Strawberry Jam

An uncomplicated recipe which will perfectly match with your favourite scones, toasts or croissants. Where do you like to spread your strawberry jam?

1 hour

Strawberry Fool

This April Fool's Day, why not to serve your friends and family this beautiful dessert?

40 minutes

Fresh Berry Tart

This tart is colourful, fresh and a great way to start the spring!

40 minutes

Tembleque Choco-Coco Recipe

Originally, Tembleque is a Puerto Rican coconut dessert. On this version, however, SPLENDA brings a twist to the original recipe! Because who doesn't like chocolate, right?

80 minutes

Sweet and Sour Braised Chicken

A famous Chinese inspired recipe now made with SPLENDA® Granulated. Enjoy!

3 hours and 20 minutes

Coconut Chia Pudding

Learn now how to make Coconut Chia Pudding! This delightful recipe is surprisingly easy to make with our step-by-step instructions. Try it now with SPLENDA® Stevia Crystal!

SPLENDA® Brand Tip

SPLENDA® Brand Tip

Add some SPLENDA® Sweet Minis to your favourite beverages!

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