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made with SPLENDA® Sweeteners!

15 minutes

Gin & Tonic

Looking to impress your guests? Have a go at this sugar-free Rosemary, Sage and Thyme Gin & Tonic made with Splenda® Minis.

3 hours and 20 minutes

Strawberry Jelly

Perfect for the summer, have this delicious sugar-free Strawberry Jelly made with Splenda® Granulated in the sun with friends and family!

15 minutes

Lemon Prosecco Cocktail

A nice and refreshing sugar-free Lemon Prosecco Cocktail with a splash of gin, made with Splenda® Stevia Crystal, perfect for the holidays or other celebratory occasions.

1 hour and 15 minutes

Almond Easter Cookies

Try these gluten-free and easily baked shortbread cookies, made with Splenda® Granulated for Easter!

25 minutes

Green Velvet Cupcakes

Why not celebrate today with the luck of the Irish and try out our St Patrick's Day cupcakes? We wouldn't want to leave you green with envy so here's the recipe!

45 minutes

Almond Lemon Curd Loaf

A fantastic fresh and sweet sugar-free Almond Lemon Curd Loaf recipe, topped with golden toasted almonds, made with Splenda® Stevia Crystal.

25 minutes

Sticky Chicken Lettuce Cups

Tasty, sugar-free Sticky Chicken Lettuce Cups, made with Splenda® Granulated, are the perfect dinner option.

60 minutes

Valentine Cookies

Celebrate love with these lovely sugar-free Valentine Cookies, made with Splenda® Granulated Sweetener without feeling guilty!

20 minutes

Chicken Noodles

A subtle and light Asian touch. Easy, quick, sugar-free, and healthier. What else would you love from a Chicken Stir Fry. Made with SPLENDA® Stevia Crystal.

SPLENDA® Brand Tip

SPLENDA® Brand Tip

Add some SPLENDA® Sweet Minis to your favourite beverages!

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