Is sucralose safe for the environment?

“Yes, consumers can be assured that sucralose is safe for the environment. A comprehensive range of scientific studies on sucralose has been conducted to investigate the potential impact on the environment. All studies on sucralose have been conducted to internationally agreed protocols validated for regulatory purposes. All regulatory studies were conducted in laboratories conforming to good laboratory practices (GLP). Specific studies clearly demonstrate that sucralose has no adverse effect on fish, invertebrates (e.g., water flea), algae or higher plants. These studies showed no effects at concentrations of sucralose that were many times greater than would be found in the environment.

More recently, studies have been conducted with fish, freshwater and marine invertebrates and algae, which confirm that sucralose does not build up in the food chain and is environmentally safe. Every regulatory authority who has reviewed the environmental data on sucralose has arrived at the same conclusion: Sucralose has no adverse effect on the environment.”

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