Cinnamon Latte

1 serving, ready in 1 minute

Enjoy this quick & easy Cinnamon Latte recipe made with SPLENDA® Sweet Minis!

Serves: 1
Preparation time: 1 minute


Microwave first 3 ingredients in microwaveable mug on HIGH for 15 seconds or until headed through.

Stir in coffee.

Top with light whipped cream.


  • 30ml fat-free light single cream
  • 1 SPLENDA® Sweet Minis
  • A dash ground cinnamon
  • 180ml Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee
  • 30ml light whipped cream on top

Nutrition information

per serving
Energy 40kcal
Fat 10.00g
of which saturates 1.00g
Carbohydrate 7.0g
of which sugars 2.00g
Fibre 0.00g
Protein 1.00g
Salt 0.90g

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