Diet Diaries

Be Sweet to Yourself Series, with consultant dietitian Helen Bond.

Introducing SPLENDA Diet Diaries

The stories of two women on their sugar-reduction journey guided by Helen Bond, with SPLENDA’s support.

Introducing SPLENDA's Diet Diary

Do you never say no to a slice of cake, or a biscuit with your morning cuppa? Do you have a weakness for fizzy, sugary drinks? Do you find it hard to resist sprinkling sugar over your morning cereal or drizzling maple syrup over your pancakes?  If so, you’re not alone - as a nation we have a sweet tooth, with British adults getting through 57g of ‘free’ sugars a day – the equivalent of 14 teaspoons (the maximum we should be having is 30g or about 7 teaspoons).

Free sugars are basically all sugars added to food and drinks, plus sugars in alcoholic drinks and found naturally in fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies and purees, honey, syrups, nectars, extracts and dairy alternative drinks. A spoonful of sugar here and there may seem harmless, but eating too much is linked to obesity and dental decay and, when in the form of drinks, to type 2 diabetes.

Resolving to cut down on sugar sounds easy, but turning it into a reality can be harder - especially if you have a sweet tooth - as it lurks in so many of the things that we like to eat and drink on a daily basis. Before you can change, you need to address your actual sugar intake, which is where keeping a diet diary comes in. As our case studies found, it’s one of the best ways to get a true picture of what you’re actually eating and drinking and how much, and to see where simple changes can be made.  It doesn’t matter how you do it, either – from a basic paper template, to a trendy app or even a photo diary, the key is to be honest and take note of everything that passes your lips!  So, are you ready to cut down on sugar in your diet and be healthier in 2019? Be inspired by our case studies and use my top tips to sidestep free sugars and make positive changes in your diet, and together with a helping hand from Splenda, a slimmer, fitter and healthier you maybe just around the corner!


Helen Bond