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What is SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative?

SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative is a low calorie table top sugar alternative that is made with sucralose. It’s available in tablet form as SPLENDA® Sweet Minis, which are ideal for drinks, as well as a granulated form which can be used spoon for spoon just like sugar, sprinkled over food or stirred into drinks, and is great for cooking and baking. See our recipes pages for inspiring ideas and delicious everyday dishes.

What is sucralose?

Sucralose is the generic name for the sweetening ingredient in SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative. Sucralose is an intense, high quality sweetener that is made through a process that starts with sugar and converts it to a no-calorie, non-carbohydrate sweetener.  The result is a very stable sweetener that tastes like sugar, but without its calories.  And, like sugar, it stays sweet even when it's used in cooking and baking.  And, like sugar, it stays sweet even when it's used in cooking and baking.

Is sucralose natural?

Sucralose, the no-calorie sweetening ingredient used in SPLENDA® Products, is not natural. It is a no-calorie sweetener that is made from a process that starts with sugar and converts it to a no-calorie, non-carbohydrate sweetener.  Although sucralose has a structure like sugar's and a sugar-like taste, it is not natural. 

How is sucralose made?

Sucralose is made through a process that converts sugar to a calorie-free, carbohydrate-free sweetener. This process creates a very stable sweetener that tastes like sugar, but does not break down in your body to provide carbs or calories.

This process selectively replaces three hydrogen-oxygen groups on the sugar molecule with three chlorine atoms. Chlorine is a natural part of salt which is found in many foods, like lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, melons, and peanut butter, and chlorine is added to most public water supplies.  Chlorine is also a part of more complex molecules found in such things as lentils, peas and potatoes.  It is a part of daily life. In the case of sucralose, its addition converts sucrose to sucralose, which is essentially inert.  The result is an exceptionally stable sweetener that tastes like sugar, but without sugar's calories. Sucralose isn't broken down for energy, and is not recognized by the body as a carbohydrate.

How do i know sucralose, the sweetener in SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative, is safe?

Sucralose, the no-calorie sweetening ingredient in SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative, has been evaluated and approved by the UK and EU authorities and numerous other regulatory agencies around the world. Research shows sucralose is safe and with no known side effects. Sucralose is one of the most extensively tested food ingredients and is now sold in more than 80 countries and is now used in more than 4000 products. There have been over 100 studies conducted over the past 20 years on the safety of sucralose.

Is sucralose, the sweetener in SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative, safe for everyone, including children?

Yes, sucralose is perfectly safe for the whole family. Sucralose is also approved for use in special medical foods intended for children. Infants and toddlers, however, are in particular need of calories for growth, and, for this reason, we advise speaking with your pediatrician about using foods made with low calorie sweeteners in foods in planning meals for very young children. 

In older children, SPLENDA® Sweetener Products are a great way to reduce the amount of added sugars your child eats daily, and may even help get your child to eat healthier food.  Try using SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative, Granulated on fruit for a sweetness to match your child's tastes. It can be a great way to replace higher-calorie treats that might also e lower in important vitamins and minerals. SPLENDA® Sweetener Products can also be used in beverages, on hot and cold cereals, and with whole grains. You can even bake some of your child's favourite special-occasion treats like cookies and cake, but with less added sugar. IF you have questions about your child's diet/nutritional needs or weight, pleas check with your child's doctor and/or a registered dietitian   

Are SPLENDA® Sweeteners suitable for use by people with diabeties?

SPLENDA® Sweetener Products are suitable for people with diabetes as part of their healthy everyday diet. SPLENDA® Sweeteners contain sucralose which is a calorie free and carbohydrate free sweetener.  The body does not recognize sucralose as a sugar. In face, clinical studies have shown that sucralose does not affect blood glucose levels, insulin, or HbA.

Like other low calorie sweeteners on the market, the granulated product contains a small amount of carbohydrate (0.5grams) per serving, which comes from maltodextrin, an ingredient that provide needed volume and texture. Spoon for spoon, SPLENDA® Granulated is as sweet as sugar, but has just 1/8 the calories and carbohydrate of sugar. 

SPLENDA® Sweet Mini also has the same sweetness as a 5g teaspoon of sugar and is calorie free!.

What happens after sucralose is ingested?

Most ingested sucralose (about 85%) is not absorbed and passes through the body unchanged and into the stool. Of the small amount that is absorbed, most leaves the body unchanged in the urine within 24 hours.

How is sucralose handled by the body?

Although sucralose is made from a process that begins with sugar, the body does not recognize it as sugar or as a carbohydrate. It is not metabolized by the body for energy, so it is calorie-free.

Does sucralose cause tooth decay?

No, sucralose, the sweetening ingredient in SPLENDA® Sweetener Products, does not cause tooth decay.

Studies show that SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative, Granulated has significantly less potential to cause cavities than sugar, although it contains a small amount of carbohydrate to provide texture and volume.

SPLENDA® Sweet Minis are also expected to have little or no potential to cause tooth decay.  Per serving, they contain even less carbohydrate than SPLENDA® Granulated, and the sweetener, sucralose, does not cause tooth decay.

Because SPLENDA® Sweetener Products are a great way to reduce your intake of sugar, and excessive exposure to sugary-foods has been associated with increased tooth decay, using SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative or Minis may be a useful tool in strategies for good dental health. 

Have people experienced side effects as a result of using sucralose?

Sucralose, the no calorie sweetening ingredient in SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative has no known side effects.  It has been approved for use in food and drinks in over 80 countries, and used by millions of people since 1991. It can be used and enjoyed safely by the whole family.  Other ingredients in SPLENDA® Sweetener Products are similarly ingredients that are safe and have been used in foods for a long time and adverse effects are not expected with use.

Is sucralose, the sweetener in SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative, ok to use during pregnancy and/or breast-feeding?

Yes, sucralose can be used and enjoyed by anyone, including pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. SPLENDA® Sweetener Products can be part of a healthy pre- and post-natal diet, but we would always recommend that women who are pregnant or breast-feeding talk to their doctors or dieticians about their special nutritional needs.

Has sucralose received regulatory approval in the United Kingdom?

Yes, sucralose, the sweetening ingredient in SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative and SPLENDA® Sweet Minis received approval in the UK in March 2002. In addition to the UK, sucralose has been approved for use in over 80 countries including Canada and the USA, most of South America, Australasia, Asia and all 25 countries of the European Union.

You can use sucralose, the sweetening ingredient in SPLENDA® Sweeteners, and know confidently that it has been tried, tested and proven safe not just in the UK but by experts and scientists all over the world.

Is sucralose safe for the environment?

Yes, consumers can be assured that sucralose is safe for the environment. A comprehensive range of scientific studies on sucralose has been conducted to investigate the potential impact on the environment. All studies on sucralose have been conducted to internationally agreed protocols validated for regulatory purposes. All regulatory studies were conducted in laboratories conforming to good laboratory practices (GLP). Specific studies clearly demonstrate that sucralose has no adverse effect on fish, invertebrates (e.g., water flea), algae or higher plants. These studies showed no effects at concentrations of sucralose that were many times greater than would be found in the environment.

More recently, studies have been conducted with fish, freshwater and marine invertebrates and algae, which confirm that sucralose does not build up in the food chain and is environmentally safe. Every regulatory authority who has reviewed the environmental data on sucralose has arrived at the same conclusion: Sucralose has no adverse effect on the environment.

What research has been conducted to confirm the safety of sucralose?

Heartland Food Products Group is extremely proud of the strong database that supports the safety of sucralose, the sweetening ingredient in all SPLENDA® Sweetener Products. 

The safety of sucralose is well documented in more than 100 scientific studies conducted over a 20-year period. In addition, sucralose and, specifically, the safety data on sucralose, has been reviewed by EU, UK and other national regulatory agencies, as well as by international health authorities such as the World Health Organization, and found to be safe for use by all consumers, including children, pregnant women and people with diabetes.

Sucralose has been available in international markets since 1991. Currently, sucralose is permitted for use in over 80 countries and it has never been required to carry any safety information or warning statements on its labeling.

What is in SPLENDA® Sweetener Products?

All SPLENDA® Sweetener Products contain sucralose, the sweetening ingredient that gives SPLENDA® Sweetener Products the great taste people love with less calories.  Like other low calorie sweeteners on the market, SPLENDA® Sugar Alternative, Granulated contains a small amount of carbohydrate (less than 1 gram) per serving) from maltodextrin to provide volume and texture. SPLENDA® Sweet Minis tablets contain sucralose, lactose (the carrier), leucine and cellulose gum (a binding agent).  SPLENDA ZERO™ Liquid Sweetener contains water, sucralose, citric acid and sodium citrate (acidity regulator), and potassium sorbate (a preservative).

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